PoE Voltage Up Converter - 12 volt to 48 volt
PoE Voltage Up Converter - 12 volt to 48 volt


48 Volt Step Up DC-DC Converter With 12 To 24v Input


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    12 volt 10 watt Power Over Ethernet Splitter without power supply

The WS-POE-48v10w Power over Ethernet 48 volt PoE injector powers 802.3af devices from a 12 volt to 30 volt input.

Convert existing Battery or 12 volt power sources to PoE for Cameras, Phones and WiFi access points.

Since standard Ethernet needs only 2 of the 4 pairs in the cable, 2 pairs are unused. Passive POE uses pins 4/5 for plus power, and 7/8 for ground. This device is a 12 volt to 48 volt DC-DC converter for one device. It requires a 12 volt to 30 volt power source to operate.

Product Description:

  • 2 RJ-45 connectors, one male accepting 12 to 30 volt POE power and data, one female with 48 volt PoE output power and data
  • 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC female power input for 12 volts to 30 volts
  • 9.6 watts output – plenty for all IP Phones and most Cameras
  • Diodes isolate the RJ45 power input from the DC power input
  • Mix 24v and 48v devices on one WiFi-Texas 24v injector like WS-POE-12-24v120w
  • No power supply is included – see our 24v injector products with 1 to 16 ports

Data Sheet

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 x 0.8 x 1.5 in


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