DC Adapters

Bundle of 4 DC Adapters for use with our 5 volt and 12 volt kits.



Use these DC adapters to power devices with our 5 volt and 12 volt kits. Our 5v Splitters have a 1.35mm x 3.5mm output male DC plug. Our 12v Splitters have a 2.1mm x 5.5mm output male DC plug.

Sold in quantities of 4.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This is a pretty straightforward product(active POE splitter) that lets you pump power to your non-POE IP cameras(12v, 1amp) or any other device without having to run a DC cable or use a DC wall plug-in on one side and a passive splitter on the other side.

    This allows a straight shot with only one cable to your IP cameras for data and for power. You’ll still need the POE switch. Because how many people have plug-ins all over the outside of their house to plug-in exterior cameras? And how unsightly would DC power packs plugged into those outlets be on the outside of your house?

    I received these for the purpose of hooking up six IP cameras around my house( interior and exterior) and using ethernet to power and to stream data back to the POE powered switch, then to my computer.

    These seem pretty sturdy and robust. They do have the toggle lights that are green and yellow and both illuminated. I have had two cameras hooked up to my POE switch for two days and I have had no issues whatsoever!

    I am in no way an expert or even moderately knowledgeable IT guru, LOL! I am very much a POE novice.

    Murray from Wi-Fi Texas is phenomenal! His technical know-how and expertise are invaluable to people like myself and others that do not know what the they’re doing! LOL

    NOTE: I hooked up my non-POE cameras to the splitters and then to the POE switch. Be aware that if you’re using Wi-Fi to test these out that the picture will freeze because the Wi-Fi and ethernet connected at the same time will confuse the camera. If you want to test out the splitters, then just plug in the DC plug-in from the splitter to the camera. That will power the camera and not make the camera confused by throwing in a monkey wrench with the ethernet and Wi-Fi signal together. When you’re really ready to run ethernet cable only then make sure you turn off your Wi-Fi signal on the IP camera software set up.

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