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    Petro Sasnyk

    Let me complain a little bit.
    Your description of products are hard to use and I can’t choose what I need without contacting your support.
    1. What’s included into the package?
    When I look into description for https://find-a-poe.com/product/POE-USB-Kit/ I can’t understand what will be included?
    It is saying that probably included “iPad, iPhone 4s connector (30 pin Apple)”, but it is not displayed on the picture.
    I think what included into the package should be explicitly listed.
    2. No dimensions. I want to hide your PoE slitter into wall gang box. And I need to know physical dimensions of the slitter box. It is not clear whose physical dimensions are listed in additional information.
    3. Data sheets are almost useless except very important information that splitter can’t work with standard PoE switches. I believe it should be on product page.
    3. For this kit https://find-a-poe.com/product/POE-MicroUSB-Kit/ I want to buy additional DC adapter with female USB plug. As there is no description what diameter of DC out of your splitter I can’t easily choose adapter. It is caused by absence good descriptions.

    Nice to haves:
    1. power adapter with euro plug standard. I may use adapter, but they provide bad contact and decrease reliability.
    2. I need only one additional dc adapter not 4. How I can add it to my order?

    Thank you, Petro



    Hi Petro –

    Thank you for the feedback. You’re right, there’s definitely some useful info missing on those pages. I’ve edited the listings (and others) to clarify and remove some outdated information. Here’s the new information for the USB kit:

    USB Kit details

    – Includes one single port PoE Injector, one 5v10w PoE splitter with 1.35mm to female USB adapter, and one 24v12w standard US power supply (2.1mm x 5.5mm DC barrel).
    – Splitter has 2 RJ-45 connectors, one female with POE power, one male without power
    – Splitter input voltage range 12v to 28v. Use our WT-AF-5v splitter with higher voltage PoE switches and injectors.
    – Splitter output voltage 5v 2amps for one device
    – 1.35mm x 3.5mm DC power plug on splitter. 2.1mm x 5.5mm power input on injector.
    – PoE Splitter case measures 1 x 1.5 x 2 inches, with the output measuring an additional 6 inches.

    The microUSB kit is the same except for having the male microUSB adapter and not the female USB.

    We only offer the adapters in bundles of 4, but if you decide to order, then please send me an email (stephen at wifi-texas.com) and I’ll be happy to put a spare adapter in your order.

    Thanks again

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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