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    wayne m

    I am a WISP, currently we use Digital Logger POE-24 units to power our radios (Ubiquiti). Problem is we are upgrading (as many others are also) to the newer radios which have 1 gig ports on them. The POE-24 is ONLY a 100 Mbps unit.

    This presents a big problem for us !!

    What we need is an 8 port 1 gig POE midspan unit, with 24 volt DC input, that is MANAGED. This allows us to control each separately port, and to re-boot the radios if needed. NO switch, just POE. (might even make it so you could use other voltages on the DC input)
    It would be nice to have the option, of mounting on a wall, or having rack mount ears for the unit.

    I am sure you will lots of sales on this, as many other WISP’s will need them!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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