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    PoE Questions

    Hi, I’ve ordered a WS-GPOE-12-AT-56v120w from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KHD6V26/ref=pe_385040_127745480_TE_item). I currently am trying to plug in 4 Cisco Meraki MR34s. They’re all powering on fine, but they’re all reporting back to the Dashboard that the power source is 802.3af running in low power mode. We had tested a single AP on a seperate PoE injector earlier in the week and now we are not getting anywhere near the distance now, which would make sense if they weren’t getting enough power. Did we buy the wrong injector? Any help would be appreciated.



    Please contact Meraki and ask how to disable LLDP from the MR34 to the Switch.
    we are delivering plenty of power to the Meraki device – but they have recently added a layer 2 LLDP communication – this effectively limits your switch selection, to Cisco and other very expensive switches – for no good reason.
    Since the Meraki are cloud managed – all the the features of a managed switch are superfluous – the only reason to run LLDP is to increase revenue by driving customers to Cisco switches – with associated training, annual fees and such.

    We have not yet deployed an MR34 – so we cannot really create a support ticket. If you can ask Meraki to allow an 802.3at passive injector – there absolutely no way this can damage the MR34 – then this will work fine.

    We will be curious to hear the response.
    Ubiquiti Xirrus Aruba and all other non-Cisco high power AP’s work great. One customer has over 100 AP-225 deployed.




    We’ve been working with Meraki on this issue. In their tests, our devices power up the MR34 properly, but they still don’t work in our “real world” testing. We’ve asked Meraki to repeat the tests with conditions matching our customers.

    We’ll keep you updated.

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