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Please contact Meraki and ask how to disable LLDP from the MR34 to the Switch.
we are delivering plenty of power to the Meraki device – but they have recently added a layer 2 LLDP communication – this effectively limits your switch selection, to Cisco and other very expensive switches – for no good reason.
Since the Meraki are cloud managed – all the the features of a managed switch are superfluous – the only reason to run LLDP is to increase revenue by driving customers to Cisco switches – with associated training, annual fees and such.

We have not yet deployed an MR34 – so we cannot really create a support ticket. If you can ask Meraki to allow an 802.3at passive injector – there absolutely no way this can damage the MR34 – then this will work fine.

We will be curious to hear the response.
Ubiquiti Xirrus Aruba and all other non-Cisco high power AP’s work great. One customer has over 100 AP-225 deployed.