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> I am trying to find out if your POE blocks meet certain electrical standards that run in Washington state. These standards prevent us from using equipment that isn’t UL Listed.
Our power supplies are UL listed.
> The rules as I have information from dating back to 2009 says that all unlisted low voltage devices can be approved if the power they receive is from a listed Class 2 transformer or power supply and complies with the following:
> 1. The Class 2 transformer is listed and used in accordance with the manufactures instructions
> 2. The wiring method used complies with NEC 725
> 3. The secondary side of the Class 2 transformer/power supply does not exceed 30 volts
> 4. The secondary side of the Class 2 transformer/power supply is protected by a 5-ampere maximum fuse or a fuse derived by diving 100 VA by the secondary voltage whichever is less.
if you are powering UBNT devices – you probably only need our 60w power supply – since they use less than 5 watts each. This is 2.5 amps, and there is a self resetting PTC fuse that limits current to about 3 amps. We have tested our power supplies at 120% of rating and they perform well.
Further – each port of the 12 port injector is protected by a 650 ma PTC – which protects the CAT-5 from a short anywhere in the run.
> 5. A permanent marking is affixed as near as practicable to the transformer/power supply and must indicate the size and type of replacement fuse, or the fuse must be integrated into the transformer/power supply assembly requiring replacement of the unit.
> 6. The Class 2 circuit does not supply life safety equipment or emergency engress, such as: fire alarm, rescue systems and classified (hazardous) locations.
> 7. The equipment and devices must be located exclusively within the Class 2 circuit (i.e. isolated from all other electrical circuits).
our injectors do not apply power to the shield – so there is no connection to ground.
> Other than 4 and 5, we know the rest to be true.
> So we are looking at if the power supplies provided with the POE blocks using a isolated fuse that requires us to replace it if it should trip or fail?
> We believe this eliminates any 48V devices or usage because of rule 3
good to know.
> Any help would be appreciated.