Q: What is the distance limit for Power Over Ethernet?

A: Above 24v, there is generally no distance limit to POE. However, at lower voltages we recommend the use of our Online POE distance, voltage and power calculator if you are curious about the operation of POE at voltage below 24v or at high currents.

Q: How do you guys use this with IPcams which usually take 12V. This unit puts 48V through the cable… How/were is it regulated?

A: It is regulated. I think though you may have two things confused. A power supply DC fed camera does typically use 12v or 24v. The PoE standard (802.3af) is 48v. This is the same voltage used on phone lines. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not. Anyway, I have 2 of these PoE injectors and I’m using them to feed 3 IP cameras that use PoE and they work fine.

Q: I have IP cams that support 802.3af standard. What else besides this package (48V 60watt power supply and 8-port injector) will I need? splitters?

A: No splitters are necessary, all you need is an ethernet hub/switch.

Q: Has anyone tested these units with gigabit? or are they limited to 10/100 operation?

A: This device is the 10/100 version – since two pairs are used for data, and 2 pairs for power. There are Gigabit versions “WS-GPOE” that use transformers to share power and data – so all 4 pairs are active and gigabit rates are supported